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The HCU in North Carolina

Henderson Christian University was founded to train men for Christian
leadership in these days of widespread denial of the Word of God.

The HCU aims to combine the highest expression of Christian scholarship with vital spiritual life.
And the HCU was established for the purpose of maintaining a Theological Institution of high educational efficiency and absolute loyalty to the Christian religion as taught in the Old and New Testaments.

We exists to train thoroughly furnished and consecrated leadership for the Church of Jests Christ and we are going to show forth in the lives of its directors, faculty and students an attitude of deep consecration to the things of God of constant dependence upon prayer, and of unceasing devotion to the task of spreading the knowledge of which the Word of God alone and the believing Christ only are the saving power through out the world.


  1. Southern Accrecedition 에 준한 T.S.A. 와 AAATI 의 정회원

  2. 목사 안수 : 본교 M.Div. 졸업자는 대한 예수교 장로회 합동(해외),

    국제 연합 총회에서 목사 안수를 받을 수 있음.

3. 상담 대학 석사 및 박사 졸업자는 NC 에서 발급하는

    목회 상담사, 혹은 기독교 상담사 시험 응시 가능

  4. 한국 학술 진흥 재단 등록 대학으로 외국 박사학위 국내외 인정

  5. 통신 수업은 수시로 입학이 가능 (통신 전담 교수제 도입)

  6. 평신도 성경대학, 대학원 : 신학에 관심 있으신 평신도를 위한   

   성경대학, 대학원 운영. (통신수업가능)

Who we are

1. We have a professional licenses and certifications
Teaching Certificates, Independent Study/Correspondence Courses, Internships, Seminars and Telecourses

2. The HCU is non-profit institution incorporated under the law of North Carolina as an educational institution and is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Where we are

286 Eighth Ave. cramerton, NC, 28032

Tel. (704) 823-7743 Fax. (704) 823-7749 (Korean Dept.)

e-mail : henderuniv@aol.com

President : Dr. Henderson Belk ( Ph.D.)



www.hendersonny.org // email: info@hendersonny.org

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