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What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?

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16) Appendix 3 - The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments
Benjamin Yim  2015-12-30 01:11:27, 조회 : 1,195, 추천 : 332

"What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?"
Kevin Deyoung
Appendix 3
The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments

        At the first glance, I thought it read Ten Commandments and was slightly confused. But what the Ten Commitments look at is how the church, or any church, should approach people who are homosexuals. Although there are many Christians who agree that homosexuality is against the will of God, there is little agreement on how we should go about it. This is a debate that has been going on and is of much importance. And so the author provides some suggestions of how we should approach the different kinds of homosexuals out there. What do I mean about different homosexuals? Aren't they just all the same? Well, yes and no, and you'll see.

        In general, if we are approached by someone who despises and hates Christianity and are ready to smash our beliefs, we should be bold and courageous. Let us not step down to those who attempt to belittle us, allowing for them to do such a thing. If we are speaking with those who want to stop or struggling to stop their same-sex attractions, we should be patient and sympathetic. If we are approached by those who might feel that they have been mistreated one way or another by the church, then we should approach them in humility. If we are speaking to Christians who are "on the fence" and leaning more towards compromising their faith for the acceptance of society, then we should be persistent, not give-up, and persuasive. If we are speaking to those who don't live by the Scriptures and essentially against God, then we should be straightforward and sincere. If we are approached by those Christians who hate or fear people who are gay or lesbian, we should want to make some points to them clearly and correct their ideology of those who are gay or lesbian.

        As you can see, there is much variability that can be applied to these suggestions, however they're necessary, and we, as Christians, will face situations like these often. To proceed, the author then tells us of these ten commitments he hopes we, as Christians, as the church, will follow before God and before a watching world.

        First commitment is an encouragement for the preachers and teachers to not avoid any chapters of the Bible, and to not be afraid to tell what the Word of God is saying, no matter how unpopular or popular it may be. Too often we see people avoid the parts of the Bible that are sensitive and pay more attention to the parts of the Bible that feed to the joy of the people. In most cases, the sensitive topics of the Bible are the most important.

        Second commitment is to tell the truth about all sins, including homosexuality, and especially the sins that are most common in our communities. Remember that shying away from a certain sin doesn't make it less of a sin, and as well as not telling the truth about it will cause much more pain than comfort, eventually.

         Third commitment is to guard the truth of God's word, protect God's people from error, and confront the world when it tries to press us into its mold. In my opinion, the worst type of Christian is the one who believes it'll be okay if they accept all ideologies and beliefs. That's putting God's name, Word, and people to shame, to the highest degree.

        Fourth Commitment is to call all people to faith in Christ as the only way to the Father and the only way to have eternal life. The pope will not get us to heaven, neither will the virgin Mary, or the archangel Michael, or anything or anyone else than the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

        Fifth commitment is that we will speak to all people about the good news that Jesus died in our place and rose again so that we might be set free from the curse of the law, saved from the wrath of God, and welcomed into the holy city at the restoration of all things. This commitment speaks of itself in two parts. First is that we will speak to all people. There shall be no discrimination whatsoever in our churches, and most importantly there is no such thing in heaven. Under God, we are all brothers and sisters, and the color of our skin brings no differences, for we were all saved the same way. Also, the message that we deliver to the people is of upmost importance. Similar to the last commitment, it is the message that only Jesus Christ, who has died and risen, can bring us into heaven. Amen

        Sixth commitment is that we will treat all Christians as new creations in Christ, reminding each other that our true identity is not based on sexuality or self-expression but on our union with Christ.

        Seventh commitment is that we will extend God's forgiveness to all those who come in brokenhearted repentance, everyone from homosexual sinners to heterosexual sinners, from the proud to the greedy, from the people pleaser to the self-righteous.         

        Eight commitment is that we will ask for forgiveness when we are rude or thoughtless or joke about those who experience same-sex attractions. As we know of it now, it is a serious issue, and most importantly, it is a sensitive one. In general, coming to know what you have done is sinful and an act against God is really a heartbreaking thing.

        Ninth commitment is that we will strive to be a community that welcomes all those who hate their sin and struggle against it, even when that struggle involves failures and setbacks. Let us not give-up on one another. Let us be an encouragement to one another. Although one's salvation cannot be given to the next person, let us all strive for holiness together, as a church.

        Tenth commitment is that we will seek to love all in our midst, regardless of what they have done in the past, by preaching the Bible, recognizing God's grace upon our lives, pointing out behaviors that dishonor God, taking church membership seriously, exercising church discipline, announcing the free offer of the gospel, striving for holiness together, caring for one another in Christian discipleship, and praising our Lord Jesus Christ's name above all things.

        These are the ten commitments, and I hope that you will read of these ten commitments over and over again and really allow for it to sink into your heart. Thank you!

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