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What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?

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15) Appendix 2 - Three Building Blocks
Benjamin Yim  2015-12-30 01:09:56, 조회 : 1,139, 추천 : 329

"What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?"
Kevin Deyoung
Appendix 2
Three Building Blocks

        Through this book, we have talked in specific as to why homosexuality is sin. And with many people agreeing with the Bible forbidding homosexual practice, some have went more into detail and questioned whether same-sex attraction in itself is a sinful thing to have. This issue requires for us to be explicit in our answers and for us all to be able to correctly comprehend what it is asking. The reason for that is because there are several Christians who themselves feel same-sex attractions, and so it is necessary that we take the issue at hand in a way that is biblical faithful, pastorally sensitive, and culturally conversant.

        What we mean by biblically faithful is that our thought process and our guidance, whether it is for another or for ourselves, is well aligned with the Bible. As we find in Matthew 5:28, whenever the same-sex attraction becomes lustful intent then the desire is sinful. And yet, we can find some neutral ground for the attraction. For example, a brother may be able to say that his sister is beautiful, or a grown daughter can say her dad is handsome, and in both cases they will not be committing any wrong kind of desire. However, it is not in the same case as when we give long looks, second glances, entertainment choices, unhealthy emotional attachments, daydreams, and wandering eyes. Those are considered sinful desires, and applies to all of us, no matter the orientation.         

        As for same-sex attractions, we are to conclude that even unwanted homosexual
desires are sinful if acted on intent. For when we consider the events that occurred in Genesis, when God created the world, there was no same-sex desires. It did not exist before the fall, but came as a result of it, and it will not exist after our Lord Jesus Christ's Second Coming. And these desires are deemed good or bad not only by its intensity or sense of proportion, but also based on who those desires are for. For a man to desire to have sex with another man, or a woman with another woman, is not the way God had made the world to be.

        Now, if a scenario was to arise where a person comes to you and tells you that they have same-sex attractions, we must first realize that anything of this nature is a human problem. Every person, including Christians, will or have wrestled with thoughts that they can't quite understand and feelings that they never wanted. And we must realize that none of us are quite what we want to be, in one dimension or another. We must reiterate the fact that Jesus Christ is a sympathetic high priest, that he intercedes for us, that he knows what it's like to be tempted and tried.

        However, this is not to say that we allow for the person to continue being a homosexual or allow for this person's same-sex attractions go any further. We must eventually get to the call of Christian discipleship to live in purity of thought and deed. For the honest struggler of this, we must emphasize that the desires can arise in us and that just because you may have same-sex attractions that it doesn't mean you will be destined for a lifetime of guilt and self-loathing.

        This concludes our second appendix, Same-Sex Attractions: Three Building Blocks, in which I hope you have been able to see the Christian view on same-sex attractions, and exactly how it should be handled and explained. After the fall of man, every person in this world is liable to have these same-sex attractions, however it doesn't mean we have to conform to them. As for the church, we must keep these ideas in mind and be ready to act upon them often.

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