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What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?

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14) Appendix 1 - What About Same-Sex Marriage?
Benjamin Yim  2015-12-30 01:08:07, 조회 : 1,239, 추천 : 452

"What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?"
Kevin Deyoung
Appendix 1
What About Same-Sex Marriage?

        As you may know, our last meeting was the conclusion and the last chapter of this book. However, we look into the appendix because it contains some very important lessons that we all must grasp. By the way that this book has been made, it has surrounded itself around the Bible, and the lessons from there against homosexuality. But now we look at the one of the biggest concerns when it comes to homosexuality, which is with the church. This is because a lot of the younger generation Christians do not see the connection between a traditional view of marriage and the way humans go throughout their day. Especially when so many Christians believe that all that matters is that they deny homosexuality, but publicly it doesn't matter to them. However, it is necessary for all Christians to see why the issue matters and why the integrity of the family will be weakened and the freedom of the church threatened.

        The main issue, first, is in how the state will change their view on marriage if and when they do accept homosexual marriage. Traditionally, marriage is viewed as a union between a man and a woman. That's what marriage is, before the state has changed such a view. In which now, as it seems, the state defines marriage and authorizes its existence. By recognizing same-sex unions as marriage, just like the husband-wife relationship we've always called marriage, the state is changing our social views on it. It assumes the indistinguishability of gender in parenting, a change of the view on procreation, and an infinite amount of possibilities that may be accepted within human flourishing.

        And essentially, once the state makes same-sex marriage legal, they're including same-sex partnerships as regular relationships and marriages, no difference. The establishment of gay marriage changes the law to have a faulty view of marriage, one that says marriage is essentially a demonstration of commitment sexually expressed. Traditionally speaking, marriage was ordered for the well-being of the child, which is why it previously had much interest in regulating and supporting it. However, with same-sex marriage being legalized, not only does it change the morality, but it also redefines marriage as simply the emotional bond of the couple. No longer is the importance placed on the cause or the persons, but on how they feel. Essentially, and it does affect us all, same-sex unions will devalue all marriages because the only way to embrace same-sex partnerships as marriage is by changing what marriage means as a whole.         

        Now, there are some to suggest that if Christians, or the church, wasn't so opposed against same-sex marriage, and the like, that we would not be having this debate. They suggest that the people define marriage their own way while the church defines marriage its own way. However, that's impossible when so many people are against those Christians who are "narrow-minded." Essentially this is a moral debate, because those who are believed to be opposing same-sex marriage is thought to be unfair, uncivil, unsocial, undemocratic, un-American, and sometimes even considered inhumane. And to add to that, if Christians lose the cultural debate on homosexuality, we will lose much more than we think.

        The result for legalizing same-sex marriage is that those who oppose it will be considered de-legitimate. The sexual revolution that has been occurring has never allowed for respect to be given to civil and religious liberties. Eventually people will see it as, "it's my way or the highway." For conservative Christians, the legitimization of same-sex marriage will likely lead to a lot of name-calling, and maybe even worse.

        But as impactful as these results may be, as much as one may attempt to avoid these problems we spoken of, the most important people are those conservative Christians. How? Because the only opposition of these same-sex marriage supporters are those in our local congregation, our mission agencies, our denominations, and our educational institutions. The biggest fear to have is the change of the Christian youth, from those who hold traditional views to those who hold the new-era's views.

        The challenge before the church is, first, to convince ourselves as much as anyone that believing the Bible does not make us losers, or "narrow-minded" people, but people of God. Let us all be strong and remember that the one more worse fear than that of the people is of the person who can judge us after this life is over, which is God and God alone. Thank you!

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