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What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?

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12) Chapter 11 - "It's Not Fair!"
Benjamin Yim  2015-12-04 15:48:59, 조회 : 1,422, 추천 : 328

"What does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?"
Kevin Deyoung
Chapter 11
"It's Not Fair!"

        Hello to another beautiful day that has been given to us by God! Today, we will continue with our book, What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? In which we will be looking over chapter 11, "It's Not Fair."

        No one would argue that this debate about homosexuality is a tough and sensitive one. What do I mean? Sensitive as in it touches a lot of people's hearts on both sides of the debate. Even for me, I have family and close friends on both sides of the debate. But for those on the side supporting homosexual, when they hear about what happens to homosexuals, they reply, "It's not fair." This issue of fairness is one that is very touchy to our hearts, and most people would prefer to not talk about it. However, as touchy as it may be, as much as it may hurt us, this argument needs to also be put down.

        Some argue that it isn't fair because they believe that they were born to be homosexuals. However, according to the American Psychiatric Association, they have no findings that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. There are many hypothesis that suggest that homosexual behavior may be due to a gene, however, there is no solid proof of such a claim. The very claim that homosexuality is tied to a fixed hereditary or biological trait cannot be supported by the scientific evidence.

        However, even if this was the case, even if some were born to be homosexuals, it still leaves no excuse. We are all products of nature and nurture. What that means is that, we all, homosexuals and non-homosexuals alike, struggle with desires that should not be fulfilled and with longings for things that we should not have. We are a fallen people with much wickedness in our hearts, however, we don't derive what we want from our reality. For we are creatures made in the image of God, and that means that we are moral beings, responsible for our actions and for our desire of the things of the flesh, even if the homosexual gene was real.

        And the author gives us some examples. A woman by the name of Rosaria Butterfield, who was a postmodern lesbian professor who became a Reformed Christian and homeschooling mother. Or of his friend named Ron Citlau, a husband, father, and pastor whose early life dealt with intense drug use and same-sex behavior. Or even of the Christian rapper-poet Jackie Hill-Perry who had same-sex attractions since he was five years old and is now a wife and mother. This is not to suggest that getting over ones desire is easy, rather the opposite. These people had to go through much struggles to change their orientation and they are real people that prove that such a transformation can happen. For no matter how we think we might have been born one way, Jesus Christ tells us that we must be born again a different way.  

        There is also some who suggest to argue that God, in his love, would not want them to be so miserable. God and his love will be spoken of more in detail in the next chapter, but these people seem to have a point. We will find many people who have found themselves to feel happier and healthier once they stopped fighting their same-sex desires. They make the story that, before they became homosexuals, that they were miserable and full of despair. When they attempted to change their sexuality or embrace lifelong celibacy, they never felt close to God and never experienced the peace that passes understanding. However, they say, that once they learned to embrace their God-given identity AND reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation, that they feel that they have been able to walk more freely and closer to God. Essentially they ask, if embracing their sexuality was really a step away from God, why are so many "gay Christians" spiritually flourishing? Their reference is that a healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a diseased tree does not bear good fruit.

        And to reply to this, the author brings up Jackie Hill-Perry's "Love Letter to a Lesbian." Which reads, "you see what God has to say about homosexuality, but your heart doesn't utter the same sentiments. God's word says it's sinful; your heart says it feels right. God's word says it's abominable; your heart says it's delightful. God's word says it's unnatural; your heart says it's totally normal. Do you see that there is a clear divide between what God's word says and how your heart feels?"

        Although this may sound harsh, but let us be a little bit more mature when making big life-changing decisions. When was the ethical standard ever "whatever feels right is right?" We must base our ethical and moral decisions on a much higher standard than something that simple. And the "good fruit" that Jesus makes reference to is not a reference to our sense of satisfaction or our perceived ministry effectiveness. Laboring in Jesus' name and bringing forth good results is no guarantee of entering the kingdom of heaven. Bearing fruit means doing the will of our Father who is in heaven. Jesus is looking for followers who will hear his words and put them into practice. No matter what we feel about ourselves or what others think about our effectiveness in the church, there are no genuinely healthy trees apart from obedience to Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

        There is no denying that these are hard struggles for people with same-sex desires, however Jesus had a fondness to tackle these hard things. He specifically told the disciples, and anyone who wants to enter into discipleship, that they cannot just simply confess the right things about the Messiah, but must do more. If they were to be true disciples, they would have to deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him. Try to save your life, and you'll lose it. Be willing to lose your life, and you'll find it. The grace that leads us to say yes to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ also demands for us to deny our ungodliness and worldly passions, whatever they may be.

        The death of our old self is the duty of every follower of Christ. We all have our own struggles, our own sins, and our own suffering, that's fact. We all are haunted by the original sin. We all are imperfect, and not what we were originally suppose to be. We all groan for the redemption of our bodies. And this does include people who experience same-sex attraction. Grief and groaning, longing and sorrow, yet always rejoicing, that's the life we have to bear while in God.

        We must also remove this idea that the epitome of a good Christian life is one with a good partner and a bunch of kids. While that picture is a very beautiful picture, it isn't the only thing in life. It's unfortunate that in our life-time there is so much importance and need for sex. The life around us highlight everything about sex, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual. Nothing in the Bible, however, encourages us to give sex the exalted status it has now in our culture. People believe that sex is the key to finding our purpose in life, our identity, and even our fulfillment. Rather, let us look upon Jesus Christ, for He is the fullest example of what it means to be a human, and he never had sex. It is quite saddening when we realize how many people revere sexual intimacy so much.

        So this concludes chapter 10, "But it's Not Fair," in which I hope you have been able to understand the argument being made and the counter-argument. Let us not forget that, whatever lives we may live, a life of sin is demandingly told to change by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We need not to rest on our old lives, for God will give us the strength to live on with our new ones. Thank you!


1) "It's not fair," can be a very general response that seems to be applicable to many and all issues concerning human desires. How are we to respond to someone who says that "it's not fair?"

2) What is fair?

3) In our time, homosexual Christians exist, as well as Christians that strongly support homosexuality. To most Christians this may be confusing, but their response to our confusion is, "the God that I worship is the God of love. Because he is the God of love, he will accept me as a homosexuality and bring me into heaven!" While those words aren't exactly what they say, it follows a similar sentiment. How are we, Christians who are AGAINST homosexuality, to respond?  

임 바울
첫번째 질문 : 우리 모두는 하나님 나라에 들어갈 수 없는 본성을 가지고 태어난다. 아담 타락 이후로 , 우리 모두는 우리들이 갖고 태어난 본성을 가지고 천국을 가는 사람은 없다. 그래서 우리는 이런 타고난 본성을 없애기 위해서 안간힘을 쓴다.

우리가 동성애의 본성을 가지고 태어났다고 해서( 물론 이것은 의학적으로 과학적으로 증명을 받지 못하는 수정주의자들의 주장이지만), 그대로 살아도 된다는 것은 적어도 기독교의 관점은 아니다. 그것이 아무리 어렵고, 힘들다고 하여도 여전히 버려야 하는 우리의 타락한 본성이기 때문이다.

우리는 가끔 도벽이 있다는 말을 한다. 이것은 유전을 받은 것처럼, 또는 가지고 태어나는 본성처럼 말을 한다. 그렇다고 해서 도벽이 합법적인 것으로 정당화될 수 있을까?


Michelle Yim
"The death of our old self is the duty of every follower of Christ."

Often times we live our lives in frivolous manners. We often make decisions with the compass of our understanding of what feels "right" and what feels "wrong." We are often negligent of God's standard of what is "right" and "wrong." We often forget, that as Christians it is our DUTY that we must leave our old selves behind. Today, Teacher Benjamin reminds us of what we often forget. We must groan, struggle, fight, hate our former selves and go towards that path of our renewed selves. This includes every sinner and not one receives pardon.


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