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4. "The Protection of Life: Abortion" by Wayne Grudem- Chapter 2 (Part 2)
Jason Dupass  2015-12-14 21:39:57, 조회 : 1,333, 추천 : 329

                                     Voting As a Christian: The Social Issues
                                                      Wayne Grudem
                              Chapter 2-The Protection of Life: Abortion (part 2)

        Tragically there are many individuals who are against prohibiting abortions, the first defense is the “restriction of freedom” this law would stand in favor of. These individuals may ask: “Shouldn’t the decision about whether to carry a baby to full term and give birth be a decision made by the mother herself?” Though this may seem like a fair and reasonable question to ask, what about the protection of life? This would be like giving an intoxicated person the option to drive legally. As a nation should we let civilians legally harm other civilians if the offender sees it as fit? Grudem writes how “the question is not human freedom, but whether the law should allow people freedom to take their child’s life.” If one is in support of abortion, then they are in favor authorized murder by government officials.

        The second argument that opposes anti-abortion is that “all children should be wanted children”. Grudem writes “The benefit of allowing abortions, some people say, is that it gives mothers the freedom not to bear children they really don’t want, children that might grow to be neglected and abused and poorly cared for in any case.” To some this seems like a fair point, but the fact remains that a human life is being taken. Suppose a parent was to kill a child that was already birthed, this would be considered as a murderous act. The same thought should be applied to abortion. The author writes “But if we consider the preborn child to be a person, then this argument is merely another way of saying that people should be allowed to kill other people that they do not want to care for.” This thought would be considered as unmoral, if so then abortion should be seen as the same.

        Anti-abortionist even faces opposition from those who are “personally against abortion”. Countless politicians take this convenient stance in hopes of receiving the necessary support for taking public office. These politicians do not want to appear as if they are in support of killing preborn children, but also want to support women’s rights. Grudem writes: “The whole subject under dispute is not personal preferences of individuals, but what the laws of a government should prohibit.” The government’s job is to provide justice and protect its citizens of any kind of wrong doing.

        Another objection by anti-abortionist is to “reduce the causes of abortion but not have laws against abortion”. There is no exact caution that could eradicate abortion completely, whether it comes as contraception or sexual education. Opposition also believes that Christians should not impose moral standards on other people. The thing is most of our laws are based on moral convictions set by our Heavenly Father. Laws against abortion should be set on these 2 moral convictions. One, people should not be allowed to murder others, and two, the preborn child should be considered as a human.

        The government should begin to enact laws that prohibit abortion, unless it is to save the life of the actual mother. “Give justice to the weak and fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked (Ps. 82:3-4). This is, or at least should be the role of our government; its laws should reflect what this verse is implying. Government policies should not promote or fund abortions, nor should they compel others to do the same. In the same regards, there should be no funding for stem cell research, which is also harmful to the embryo. Overall, it is the duty of government to protect life. In this chapter we discussed the issue of abortions, next chapter will discuss the “other issues”.


1)        What does the “restriction of freedom” mean? How is this wrong?

2)        Why is the argument “all children should be wanted children” shouldn’t be grounds for abortion?

3)        Is it necessary to have a law that makes abortion illegal? Why or why not?

4)         Why is it important for politicians to take the stance of anti-abortion?

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임 바울
질문 1에 대한 응답 :

많은 수정주의자들은 자기들의 목적을 이루기 위해서 교묘한 방법을 쓰고, 문제의 핵심이 무엇인지를 알려주기를 원하지 않는다. 낙태의 문제를 할 것인가, 안할 것인가를 각 개인이 특히 임신한 여자가 결정을 해야 한다고 한다. 만약에 이것이 임신한 엄마를 제외한 다른 사람이나, 다른 단체나 법이 제한을 하면 그것은 자유를 제한 ( restrictions of freedom)하는 것이 된다고 말한다.

또한 원하지 않는 아이를 여자의 선택이 없이 낳게 되면 그 아이를 사랑할 수 없기에, 충분한 사랑을 줄 수도 없고 또한 관심을 기울일 수 없기에 바른 아이로서 성장을 할 수 없다고 말한다.

먼저 낙태에 대한 문제는 여자의 자유를 제한하려는 의도속에서 나타난 문제가 아니다. 낙태에 대한 문제는 뱃속에 든 아이를 사람으로 볼 것인가, 아닌가에 있는 것이다. 이 문제를 수정주의자들은 ' 여자의 권리'로 초점을 맞추게 함으로서 사람들로 하여금 문제의 핵심을 흐려놓는 일을 한다.

두번째로 원하지 않는 아이를 낳게 되면 사랑을 할 수가 없다고 말을 한다. 그러나 이것은 새빨간 거짓말이다. 아이가 태어나게 되면 우리가 생각했던 것과는 다르게 사랑이 쏟아지는 것을 내 자신도 경험했기 때문이다.


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