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Chapter Three - Sources of Popular Culture
Abraham Yim  2017-07-16 00:37:26, 조회 : 699, 추천 : 255

Pop Culture

                                    Chapter Three - Sources of Popular Culture

        Have you ever watched a bad movie; or listened to a poor musical; or saw a “ludicrous or offensive” advertisement; or saw a film riddled with violence? Then you think, “Where in the world did this come from?” Today we are going to talk about the origins of pop culture.

        There are five sources that cause the production of pop culture. The first source is the image of God; the second source is the gifts of God; the third source is the individual’s own training and environment; the fourth source is the corrupting effects of sin; and the fifth source is the sovereign moving of God’s spirit.

        The first source was already mentioned before: the image of God. As humans we have been created in the image of our Creator. Like our Creator, we are driven to try to create things of our own. To Him, His crown creation was that of the creation of man and woman. He rose them up from the earth and breathed the breath of life into them. Calvin locates God’s image in that of the human soul. The Scripture often equates the heart with the soul. It is the heart/soul that leads us to create; to pursue creative endeavors; to motivate us to fill the world with our passion. Those who are motivated to contribute to the world of pop culture are experiencing the effects of our image from God. However, many who pursue to contribute to pop culture are attempting to create an identity or fill a void without God.

        The second source is the gifts of God. It is obvious that God has bestowed amazing gifts to both believers and nonbelievers alike. To all the men and women that preside in this world, God has given them some sort of special gift or ability. God’s intention in his allocation of special talents was for people to pursue spiritual fulfillment through cultural activities. Then the next step would be for people to seek after God for further fulfillment and will learn that God is necessary in their lives. However, people try to look past God, they want to see only the fruits of their own hands; they want to see their gifts as simply their own talents.

        These people often do not get very far. They see that they are incomplete without God… very incomplete. However, people tend to still ignore God, and try their best to find praise and happiness in other areas. Even though these people show  adamant distaste to God, he continuously shows an immense amount of kindness and love to rebellious people.

        The third source for popular culture is environment and training. Man is no doubt influenced by his surroundings and by his experiences. After his trials and tribulations, he often shows it in the form of cultural activity. He expresses his thoughts in forms that are meaningful to him and are going to be meaningful to others who may be able to relate to him. To an extent popular culture is a reflection from where originates from.

          The fourth source is the corrupting effects of sin. Sin most definitely has a hand in the formation of popular culture. Sin seeks to take attention away from God and to shine the limelight on man himself. The world has become naturalistic, individualistic, self-indulgent, and disdainful of restraints. Pop culture has become a narcissistic mess, and its goal is to glorify man and to fall away from any form of restraint. To cast away all forms of societal norms or traditional expectations. The flesh has a thing called lust. It often battles the expectations that God sets up for us. It seeks to perform deeds that are not seen as favorable in the eyes of God. This lust has inspired many forms of art. The devil is a huge factor in the creation of pop culture. Although the Christian community is too hasty to call anything that is against its beliefs, a work of Satan, it must be attributed to the sinful coercive thoughts that Satan plants in the minds of many. However, let us not be naive to the dangers of pop culture. Pop culture often attempts to throw off the balance of the Word of God and his laws.

           Finally, the fifth source of popular culture is the spirit of God. God’s spirit is definitely at work in the creation of pop culture of his own people. Things such as music, film, literature, and art are often showing a strong Christian presence. Yet the same goes for those who do not believe in God. His spirit affects those who are unbelievers. God’s spirit is always at work, trying to restrain the sinful desires of men and women around the world.

Study Questions

1.        How much do you know about the creators of popular culture whom you admire? What sources seem to be influencing their work?

2.        How might have clearer understanding of such sources help you to evaluate more carefully the forms of popular culture that give you pleasure?

3.        What influences have affected your own involvement in pop culture? What in your background, training, or experience leads you to enjoy some forms of pop culture other than others? Is it possible that any of these influences may be antithetical to your calling in the Kingdom of God? Can you give an example?

4.        How might the understanding the sources of pop culture help you in talking with an unsaved friend about his or her involvement in pop culture?

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