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Jesus and the Jihadis

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Chapter 10 - The ISIS Endgame
Benjamin Yim  2017-10-22 08:23:41, 조회 : 600, 추천 : 157

Jesus and the Jihadis
Craig A. Evans and Jeremiah J. Johnston
Chapter 10 - The ISIS Endgame
October 15, 2017

        Hello to another beautiful and blessed day given to us by God! Today we continue our book, Jesus and the Jihadis, by the authors Craig A. Evans and Jeremiah J. Johnston. And we look at chapter 10, The ISIS Endgame, with the sub-title, Dabiq and Jesus’ Islamic Second Coming.

        To start, we look at the word “endgame.” To some this is a familiar term but to others it might not be. With that being said, it is essential we understand what the word “endgame” is referring to. The term “endgame” means the ultimate purpose and the final conclusion. And it is this “endgame” that we will be referring to for the Islamic State.

        Now, there is no need to think philosophically or even analytically as to what the ISIS “endgame” is. In their romanticized propaganda magazine, called Dabiq, the Islamic State have been ever so clear with what their “endgame” is. Only two weeks after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself the rightful eighth caliph, the first issue of Dabiq appeared in numerous languages. The official magazine released with numerous gruesome photos of people dying and humanity being mutilated.

        Most of Dabiq’s twenty-six-page first issue is dedicated to the declaration of the “Khilafah” under the headline “Breaking News: A New Era Has Arrived of Might and Dignity for the Muslims.” In this first issue, ISIS does not hide the fact that their vision of a new world order is the mass killing of Christians, Jews, and any other Kafir (unbelievers) for the purpose of purifying the world.

        If we lived as the ISIS wishes to occur, then we can imagine a drastically different world. It would be a world that does NOT include freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or freedom of choice. And Jesus is mentioned on the Dabiq more than one occasion throughout its releases. And there is actually a place named Dabiq, not the magazine, which is an essential component to the Islamic State’s “endgame.” It is a location in the northern district of Syria, six miles south of the Turkish border and they view Dabiq as Holy Lands.

        And according to the Dabiq, the magazine, we are able to see Isa’s, or more famously known as Jesus Christ, play a central role in the “endgame” for the Islamic State. Dabiq is heralded as a beacon and its geographical importance is underscored as the location of “one of the greatest battles between the Muslims and the crusaders.” And in bold, in the Dabiq, it states that from the place of Dabiq the Muslims will conquer the world.

        In the second issue of Dabiq is an illustration of Noah’s ark and the great flood. Not exactly the same as that event but stating that “it’s either the Islamic State or the Flood.” In other words, if you do not join the Islamic State, you will be destroyed. There is no middle ground. And the Dabiq states, from the Qur’an and Hadith, promising victory in war, blessings in this life and the life to come.

        Every single issue of the Dabiq is appalling and apocalyptic, and always cruel. However, each new issues outdoes the previous one with even more gruesome and vile photos. The gruesome photos consist of dismembered corpses, dead babies and children, all at the hands of the western crusaders. The cover of issue four of Dabiq features the Black Standard of the Islamic State pinned to the top of the sixteenth-century Egyptian obelisk at the center of St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.
The message is clear. The Islamic State is saying that they will conquer Rome and the rest of the earth. This issue is dedicated to the theme “The Failed Crusade” and shows caskets draped with the American flag. And with that a statement follows: “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.” Citing from Muhammad’s prophecy, this issue of Dabiq is an Islamic State advancement of slavery and human trafficking “that the slave girl gives birth to her master,” as a sign of the end times.

        According to Muslim traditions, a descendent of Muhammad, an Islamic-superman, or the Messiah, known as the Mahdi, will emerge at the end of days and rule the world with a group of warriors wielding the black flags we see so often on news reports. Jesus will return in his second coming to serve the Mahdi. In his second coming, Jesus is the ultimate Muslim, a great warrior, and will lead the world in Sharia with an iron fist. Jesus will appear as Muslims face annihilation at the hands of the anti-Muslim, anti-Messiah figure known as the Dajjal. He will kill the Dajjal and save the Muslim faith. Then he will break the crosses, end Christianity, kill all of the pigs, make the pilgrimage to Mecca, marry, have children, and eventually die. Muhammad enlightens us on Jesus’ appearance as well, a man of medium stature, somewhere between red and white, and looks like he is dripping wet, similar to a Chanel cologne commercial.

        According to Islam, Jesus is not the Son of God, he was not resurrected, and he is not a Savior. Even so, he is the second most revered prophet, after Muhammad. He did in fact have a miraculous birth, born of a virgin, and rather than dying on a Roman cross, he was brought to heaven much like Enoch, and escaped death. Therefore, Jesus is now physically in heaven and can return to earth on the appointed hour. According to Islamic traditions, Jesus does not return to save the world, but rather to slaughter all those who do not embrace Islam. Jesus will return in Syria, to the east of Damascus, and not in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives as the Bible predicts. And most Christians are totally unaware that Jesus, or known as Isa in the Qur’an, plays a central role in the end times for Islam.

        The picture and message of Jesus found in the New Testament is urgently needed today. The message of Jesus is about God’s love for all humanity. The message of Christianity is unique and the best known Bible verse begins with the words, in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…” Jesus’ message is one of love, reconciliation, redemption, and transformation. It is a message of forgiveness and hope, a message that brings humans together and brings them into a loving and joyous relationship with God, the Creator. The message of the Bible stands in contrast with the messages of those who believe God can no longer offer anything. The Bible speaks compellingly of God’s love for humanity in an eternal relationship. This is what makes Christianity special and still survive strongly today. And this concludes chapter 10, The ISIS Endgame, with the sub-title, Dabiq and Jesus’ Islamic Second Coming.  

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