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Heretic: Chapter 7 (Part 2) Jihad
Michelle Yim  2017-11-01 16:16:23, 조회 : 672, 추천 : 160

                                                    Chapter 7 (Part 2)

        Last week, we began our discussion about jihad and how it is a growing problem around the world. More and more people are becoming aware of the relationship between jihad and Islam. We learned that the Qur’an calls for jihad and Muhammad himself carried this out during his lifetime. Yet, many people are disillusioned by this relationship between jihad and Islam and prefer to point to social preconditions as a way to explain atrocities carried out by jihadists. Yet, jihad has deeper roots than that and cannot be explained away. Today, we will look at the very roots of jihad and how it affects other religions like Christianity.

        We discussed the Boston Marathon bombing carried out by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. These two brothers wounded over 270 people and killed three people. They planned and carried out these bombings in the name of Allah. Yet, when President Obama addressed this issue, he made sure not to refer to Islam; even after it was revealed that the two brothers were diligently listening to Abdullah Azzam (Palestinian teacher and mentor of Osama bin Laden), they still denied such doings. Instead, the Islamic Society of Boston stated, "one suspect disagreed with the moderate American -Islamic theology of the ISB Cambridge mosque." However, a little over a month later another attack where Lee Rigby was hacked to death was also responded with these same sentiments. The Islamic Society of Boston writes that all "good Muslims were sickened by the attack...just like everyone else." How can this be? How can the murderer of Lee Rigby, who yelled out "Allahu akkbar" not be associated with Islam? Omar Bakri, a cleric who applauded the murder of Rigby, stood by Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo side. He was Micheal Adelbolajo's teacher and said that he was "very shy" and asked a lot of questions about Islam. Bakri felt proud that in the video showing rigby's murder that ht was "standing firm, courageous, brave." Bakri then teaches what the Prophet Muhammad says himself when he states that "An infidel and his killer will not meet in Hell. That's a beautiful saying. May God reward him for his actions... I don't see it as a crime as far as Islam is concerned." This belief to kill infidels is not strange in Islam, in fact, it is encouraged in the Qur'an and the hadith. For example in 2:191, it states "slay them wherever ye catch them." Bakri isn't make this up, he supports his reason from the Qur'an and the hadith and is following accordingly.

          Now let us look at Boko Haram and the organization that has been causing havoc in areas like Nigeria. This group was founded by Mohammad Yusuf who began preaching in northern Nigeria. He began to set up an educational complex that included a mosque and a school. Many people went to this complex to hear his message. However, in 2009 the government investigated Boko Haram and arrested Yusuf. Ali writes that the crackdown led to seven hundred people dead. While Yusuf later died in prison while trying to escape, his lieutenant Abubakar Shekau decided to turn the organization towards jihad. Ever since this turn, Boko Haram has terrorized many different parts of Nigeria and grew into one of the most dangerous terrorist groups. This turn is can no longer be whisked away by labeling them as "extremists." Instead, we should be able to define this group by look at its root and see Islam at its purest form.

          Jihad has become a global problem and it has attacked other religious groups like Christianity. Unfortunately, Christians that live in Muslim populated areas are under violent oppression. Historically, Muslims have demanded special tax "jizya" from Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. Jizya was demanded from these groups in order for them to keep their religion and also to humiliate them. Mohammad made it very clear when he said, "expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and...not leave any but Muslims." The Qur'an also warns Muslims not to take any Jews or Christians as your "friend and protector" (Qur'an 5:51). This has become the practice of many modern Muslims we see today. For example, in some countries, there are governments and agencies that openly support and sponsor "anti-Christian violence, burning churches and imprisoning observant Christians." There are many rebel groups who murder Christian and drive them out of their region. While "Islamaphobia" is highlighted in the Western world, "Christophobia" is rarely mentioned. The attacks on Christians are being carried out in overwhelming numbers, yet, it receives very little coverage in our media. Boko Haram has made the life of Nigerian Christians a living hell. Boko Haram has deemd to kill all Nigerians Christians and made strides to do so when he targets "Christian clergymen, politicians, students, policemen and soldiers." Places like Saudi Arabia forbids "private prayer" by Christians. In order to enforce this rule, they target Christians by raiding their homes and bringing up charges of blasphemy in court. The testimony of a Muslim is carried with more weight than the Christian.         Saudi Arabia also bans the building of churches. In the textbooks given in school states that "Jews and Christians are enemies of the believers." Additionally, it states, "The Apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews; and the Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus; the Christians."

         More and more Muslims are embracing the true teaching of Islam. In the West, we have created a facade that has disillusioned many people into thinking that the relationship between Islam and jihad is not present. Yet, many of these attacks are carried out in the name of Islam. Groups like Boko Haram hold steadfast to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad and seek to carry it out in this lifetime. Next week, we will conclude our discussion about Jihad by understanding how Jihad is spreading and "winning."


1) How did Omar Bakri feel about Lee Rigby's murder? Why do you think he felt thsi way?
2) What is Boko Haram? Why are they practicing jihad?
3) Why do you think Muslims are carrying out Jihad against Christians? Do you think they are targeting Christianity specifically? Why or why not?
4) Why do you think "Christophobia" does not get coverage in our media? Why or why not?

임 바울
3. 모슬렘은 기독교에 대항하여 지하드 운동을 벌이는가? 특별히 기독교인을 타겟으로 삼고 있는가/

먼저 모슬렘이 기독교와 싸우는 이유는 간단하다. 그들이 갖고 있는 교리들과 기독교가 갖고 있는 교리들은 다르기 때문이다. 그들의 세계관과 기독교의 세계관은 상반되기 때문에, 또한 공존할 수 없기 때문에 그들은 기독교에 많은 핍박을 가한다. 모슬렘을 모든 약점들을 거울처럼 비추어주는 것이 기독교이기 때문이다.

이것을 잘 알고 있었던 그들의 경전은 "모든 아랍국가에서 기독교를 추방시켜야 한다고 말하고 있으며, 기독교와 유대교인을 친구로서 삼을 수 없다"고 말을 하고 있는 것이다.

그들의 생존이 기독교에 존폐여부에 달려있기 때문이다. 한가지 예를 들면, 기독교에서는 내가 천국을 가기 위해서 다른 사람을 수단으로 사용해서는 안된다. 내가 다른 사람을 위해서 수단이 되어야 한다. 심지어 원수까지도 용서의 기도를 하는 것이 예수님과 순교자 스테판을 통해서 본다. 그러나 모슬렘은 정반대이다. 따라서 기독교인들을 없애려고 한다는 그들의 주장은 코란을 그들의 정경으로 삼고 있는 한 피할 수 없다고 본다.

오늘날 많은 모슬렘들이 평화스럽다고 한다. 그들은 참된 모슬렘이 아니라, 개종된 모슬렘이지 코란에 근거한 신앙생활을 하는 모슬렘은 아니라는 것이 분명하게 밝혀져야 한다.


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