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Why God Won't Go Away - Table of Contents and Introduction
Benjamin Yim  2017-11-26 07:33:48, 조회 : 495, 추천 : 111

Why God Won't Go Away
Alister McGrath
Table of Contents and Introduction

                                                Table of Contents:


Part 1 - What is the New Atheism?

                1. The New Atheism: How it All Started
                2. What's "New" About the New Atheism?

Part 2 - Engaging the New Atheism: Three Core Themes

                3. Violence: When Religion Goes Wrong
                4. Reason: The Rationality of Beliefs
                5. Science: A Question of Proof

Part 3 - Where Does the New Atheism Go from Here?

                6. Where is the New Atheism Now?
                7. God Won't Go Away: Beyond the New Atheism


        Another book to study, another blessing from God! Today, we will be starting a new book, Why God Won't Go Away, by the author Alister McGrath. In which we will be starting by looking over the introduction.

        To sort of explain what we will be tackling, it provides us a big hint to know that the book is split into three parts. The first part speaks of what the New Atheism is. The second part concerns itself with the three core themes that are contained in the New Atheism. And the last part is looking at how New Atheism will proceed, if it can.

        So back on the tragic day of September 11th, 2001, a group of religious extremists coordinated an attack on New York and Washington, D.C. This caused for a considerable amount of lives lost and the impact was so massive that it shook the world. This began the "war against terror" which became a dominant theme during the presidency of George W. Bush. But another thing that occurred is that it led for a growth in public anxiety due to religious fanaticism.         

        With this ever so much growing anxiety and fear of religious fanaticism, a certain person decided to take this opportunity to drive for their beliefs against religion as a whole. A famous name that goes by Richard Dawkins, and a few others, decided not to attack on religious extremists, but something larger and more general, religion. In which he argued that religion was irrational and dangerous. He began to change the cultural mood in Western liberal circles, which was the belief that religion was dangerous precisely because it was irrational, and when it failed to win arguments, it resorted to terrorist acts, like 9/11, instead. Four days after the event of September 11 occurred, he went on to write that, "to fill a world with religion, or religions of the Abrahamic kind, is like littering the streets with loaded guns. Do not be surprised if they are used." While it was very attractive, still many believed the argument to be way too simplistic. Essentially, Dawkins went from Islamic fanaticism to religious fanaticism to religion in general. And it was the event of 9/11 that turned out to be the launch pad for the New Atheism.

        Evidently, the New Atheism raised questions of fundamental importance, such as the rationality of faith, the relation of religion and science, the possible links between faith and violence, and the place of religion in Western society. And essentially, religion is, even now, in public debate and public life.

        The very term New Atheism was coined in 2006, by a British magazine writer by the name of Gary Wolf. And the magazine in itself wished to highlight four men, who's bestselling atheist books raised the support for atheism. These four men, who were referred to as the Four Horsemen were Sam Harris with The End of Faith, Richard Dawkins with The God Delusion, Daniel Dennet with Breaking the Spell, and Christopher Hitchens with God is Not Great.

        And so this concludes the introduction of this book. And essentially this book will be our argument against the big four: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. We won't be limiting ourselves to these four thinkers, but they will be the foundation of our arguments to branch out to many more ideas. I hope you look forward to our arguments against the New Atheism, and for you to also know Why God Won't Go Away. Thank you!

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 Why God Won't Go Away - Table of Contents and Introduction    Benjamin Yim 2017/11/26 111 495

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