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Are You Being Duped?

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15. You have been duped if.... (Part 1)
Jason Dupass  2014-02-15 16:43:12, 조회 : 2,215, 추천 : 424

Are You Being Duped?

Chapter 15 Part 1: You have been duped if… (Five shorter subjects)

        This is the final chapter of Kent Philpott’s “Are You Being Duped?” throughout the book the author explains how as individuals we have no control over our destiny and how there is more beyond our physical death. Philpott also goes into the difference between God’s mercy and fairness, as well as pointing out personal happiness as a non essential goal. He reminds his readers that we must question our beliefs if it isn’t coexistent with the bible or if we feel that we are “good enough” for Heaven. The author makes it clear that we shouldn’t ignore our conscience, the bible, or the church; neither shoulstd we mistake Christ as a simple “spiritual master”. He also emphasizes the fact that one cannot be Christian without a love for Christ and defines the value of sin. Philpott proves the trustworthiness of the bible while explaining to his readers that God is more than just a “higher power” and that the devil is capable of tricking anyone.

        As said by Christ in Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do”. This was not just for the non-believers, but for nominal-Christians too. There are many who claim they believe and as soon as a scientific discovery is made, or if the unexpected happens, faith is lost. This is because it’s hard to except the truth.

        The first subject spoken on by Philpott is the existence of aliens. Philpott writes “Maybe in the back of your mind you wonder if the God of the Bible is only a local deity, maybe the product of the ‘earthling mind’, and that ‘superior’ organisms, somewhere out there, know better.” Between strange markings in cornfields, unidentified flying objects and the reported finding of water on mars, this is enough for some to trust that thought. Our culture also drills this into our heads. For instance, Philpot gives us examples of movies like “Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters…etc”. Quite interestingly, there are a large amount of Americans that truly believe there is some type of existence of life beyond planet Earth. The scientific community named, “SETI” (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) spend a lot of money on laser beams and radio signals in hopes of contacting life. Charles Haddon Spurgeon makes an interesting point however concerning this matter. He states “if life is discovered somewhere else, we will find that it owes its existence to the very same God who revealed himself in Scripture. Spurgeon was basically telling us, that it actually doesn’t matter if there extra-terrestrial life out there or not, the point is that God still reigns in whatever part of the universe life may be in.

        The second subject that Philpot talks about is “you have been duped if you no longer care about yourself”. I’m sure that many of you, including myself have experienced a point of time in your life where you simply didn’t care about yourself. Some of you may even feel like this, at this very moment. A number of things can happen for you to feel this way. For example, death, divorce, serious injury, loss of job, family issues…etc. This results to you not really caring about yourself. You start to take risks that you wouldn’t generally take or you may even have suicidal thoughts that occasionally comes to your mind. But Philpot warns us that, this kind of thinking is dangerous and can affect you “emotionally, spiritually and physically”.

        In John 10:10, Jesus says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy”. Philpott explains this verse in a interesting way. He asks “What can be stolen from us that would have tragic consequences? What happens when our dreams are crushed and our future looks bleak? What happens when our strength fails and injury and disease become a permanent part of life? What happens when we are buried beneath a load of guilt and shame?” When the “thief” steals something that is so important in our lives, we tend to feel that we do not care about ourselves. So who is this thief? Satan. Satan’s motive is to break you down emotionally and physically. Philpot states that “He is a warrior who delights when armies slaughter each other; he is a promoter of genocide and suicide”. He goes on to conclude that “Satan is often pulling the strings behind the scenes. Satan is counting on death to put the unconverted for ever beyond hope”. We can refer to Hebrews 9:27 when it says “It is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment”.

        The third thing that Philpot brings to our attention is “you have been duped if you think you will be happy in hell”. When you think of hell what do you imagine? Agony, pain, relentless torture…etc. Unfortunately, many people have this preconceived notion that hell can perhaps be enjoyable. Some people say “Let’s have a party in hell !” or “We’re on the highway to hell”.  Philpot says that some people have also said “Well, at least I will be with some of my friends in hell”. Sadly, for those that believe that there is a chance of happiness is hell “is making a poor peace with the most awful prospect we could ever know”.

        Hell is essentially “separation from God”. This isn’t a trial separation or a momentary thing, it is permanent. The Scripture makes it very clear that this place is indeed as horrible as we can imagine. For instance the story of the rich man and Lazarus, depicts exactly how the rich man felt in hell. When the rich man pleaded with God to send someone to his family members, he did this because he did not want any of them to come to the place of torment he was in. But the reason for this parable was to show us that “no one could cross a deep chasm that separated heaven from hell”. We also learn that those in hell are conscious and capable of complex reasoning such as the rich man. But one thing is for sure, heaven is a permanent separation, there is absolutely no way out. Jesus states this clearly in Matthew 25:46 “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life”.

        The Bible teaches that God will give “eternal existence” to everyone. Those that are righteous and the wicked. If you look at John 5:25-29 it tells us specifically that everyone will be resurrected. Some to heaven and some to hell. So I plead with you guys today, don’t fall into the traps of these ideologies that the world has to offer. Always refer back to the Bible and see what the Scriptures say’s about these topics.

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