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Are You Being Duped?

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14. You are being duped if you think you can't be tricked by the devil (Part 1)
Jason Dupass  2014-02-01 20:57:45, 조회 : 4,606, 추천 : 459

Are You Being Duped?

Chapter 14: You have been duped if you think you cannot be tricked by the devil (Part 1)

          After reading the first few chapters of the bible you see as a reader, the craftiness of the devil. Genesis 3:1 reads “Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord had made.”

          This statement is not just an indication of the true nature of the devil, but also shows experience. Since the very beginning Satan has been leader in deception and darkness. Philpott writes “Occasionally the devil may make it easy for us but he is usually subtle, cunning, sophisticated and cultured – and we rarely see him coming.” Besides Christ, there is not one person who can say that they have not been deceived by the devil.

           To manipulate is in his nature as we can read all throughout the bible; from Genesis until the Day of Judgment we will continue to see the devils evil ways. To believe anything other than the bible shows the devils deceit. All other religions claim divinity through other traditions rather than belief in the Messiah. Even “nominal Christians” claim to know Christ and yet base their salvation on something other than the gospel. Why is this so?

           To even ignore the existence of good and evil is quite foolish, where did our sense of morality come from? The author writes “Consider that most of the world’s religions have depictions of devils and demons somewhere in their literature.”
Philpott then goes on to write “Wicked though we may be, there yet lurks a foreign presence in our personal and corporate world that is foul and unclean, and is distinct from humanity.”

           To ignore either idea or both would be taking a grave risk as the author points out. Think about the great wonders humanity has seen that reminds us of God’s goodness and then think of the great evil that has taken place and shows the devils darkness.

          The devil can trick us in many different ways; we first see this with delusional people. Philpott writes how “we are tempted to reject the reality of the devil because of these associations with mental instability.” If you think about it there are a high number of mentally ill people who ramble, and within their ramblings you hear references to God and Satan. With that being said should we credit or discredit that idea.
In the words of Philpott, “we place too much confidence in our intellectual or spiritual capacities and abilities.” This is the seed of idolatry, when one becomes confident in themselves instead of the Lord this opens the door for the devil to manipulate. To downplay the abilities of God shows lack of faith, and once that happens the devil will attack at full force.

         As written in 1 Cor. 10:20, “What pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not God”. Jesus has the power to cast out demons as we read all throughout the New Testament. Christ has authority over these demons and He gave that authority to the disciples as well.

         In Genesis 3:1-7 we read about the “fall of man”; it is clear that the serpent was Satan, Philpott mentions how in Genesis the devil was described as “subtle” and Revelation describes Satan as a “deceiver”. As Philpott writes “He wanted to be like God, and his rebellion against God’s authority was the reason for his expulsion from heaven”. This too is the human condition, since the fall of man there has been a desire to want other than what God created us to be. I will be concluding here for part two next week. Kent Philpott goes deeper into Genesis and gives us insight into how we can be tricked by the devil.    

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