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Chapter Ten - The Fingerprint Evidence
Abraham Yim  2017-02-20 19:41:16, 조회 : 1,111, 추천 : 250

Abraham Yim

Chapter Ten - The Fingerprint Evidence

        If you ever saw a detective movie or a movie with a criminal in it, you probably heard the term, “fingerprint evidence.” The concept is fairly simply: everyone has a unique set of fingerprints and they can be used to see if a person is in a certain place or touched a certain thing. However, how can we use this concept with Jesus Christ?

        Of course, to try to use fingerprint evidence on Jesus Christ would be impossible. It’s not like the Roman soldiers of Jesus’ time took Jesus’ fingerprints before executing him. We also don’t really know what Jesus would have touched. However, we can still use the fingerprint evidence with Jesus Christ. We will look into the prophecies said of the Messiah, and see if they match the life of Jesus Christ.

        To figure this out, Lee Strobel went to go see Louis S. Lapides M.DIV., TH.M. Lapides is known for his background. Lapides came from a Jewish background and a teenage life full of sin. As a boy, him and his family went to Jewish synagogues and even celebrated the high holy days; however, the family’s faith did not really affect their personal lives, for example, they would work on the sabbath and they didn’t eat kosher food. Lapides’ teenage years was filled with distraught and sin. He experimented with drugs and had a lot of sex. However, one day he was a place at sunset strip, and he met a group of Christians. He tried to disprove them, and he tried to use eastern philosophy: we are all god. However, the Christians asked Lapides to create a rock if he was truly God, and he couldn’t. Lapides was then asked to accept Jesus, but Lapides’ Jewish background taught him that Jesus was just the God of the gentiles. However, a Christian pastor told him that if Lapides were to look into the Old Testament then he would find prophecies of Jesus Christ. Lapides was given a Bible with both the Old and New Testament, and after reading the Old Testament he saw that the Jesus of Christianity was the messiah.

        Of all the prophecies that Labides saw, Isaiah 53 is what stopped Labides cold in his tracks. It said that the messiah would be despised and rejected by men. He would be stricken by God. His sheep will turn astray. Even though he had done no violence he was being executed. From there on, Lapides fully recognized who Jesus Christ was.

        However, how do we know that the Christians didn’t simply rewrite the Old Testament to make it seem like Jesus Christ filled out the prophecies. So Lapides asked his aunt for a Jewish Old Testament, and he saw that it was the exact same thing. This put no doubt in his mind that he was dealing with the real messiah?

        Some argue that maybe Jesus Christ simply lived out his life so that it would fulfill the prophecies from the Old Testament. However, how was Jesus able to control where he was born; when we was born; his lineage; his death; how much Judas was going to be paid by the Sanhedrin; his life. It is far too far fetched to believe Jesus Christ staged all of that.

        Others argue, “Maybe he just happened to fill out the prophecy?” This is highly highly unlikely. A mathematician named Peter W. Stoner, said that it would be a 1 in 1 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion chance of Jesus Christ just happening to fulfill the 48 prophecies that was said about him in the Old Testament.

        If so much evidence points to Jesus Christ being the messiah, how come so many Jewish people don’t convert to Christianity? It is because the Jewish rabbis and people hold antimissionary causes. They try to spread information to discredit Christianity and Jesus Christ.

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