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Chapter One - The Bible and Authority
Abraham Yim  2018-02-11 13:55:21, 조회 : 650, 추천 : 145

Abraham Yim
January 22nd, 2018 - Monday
R. C. Sproul - Can I Trust the Bible?
Chapter One - The Bible and Authority

        Hello everyone, and welcome to the first chapter of R. C. Sproul’s Can I Trust the Bible? I chose this book because I believe that this is one of the most common areas of studies that we overlook. Many times in our lives we receive information, and we do not choose to question it - let alone research it. In school, we receive information from our professors, and we just take it for its face value. We trust the credentials of our professor - or we assume the credentials of our professors - and we simply absorb information. We see this in our relationship with parents, friends, loved ones, and even with our religious leaders. Our religious leaders tell us that the Bible is the truth - let’s see if we can trust the Bible.
        We start our chapter off with a statement from The Chicago Statement. The publication said, “the authority of the Scripture is a key issue for the Christian church in this and every age.” The question must be asked, however, “Where is this authority of the Scripture coming from per say?” Well Sproul tells us simply, “The authority of the Bible is based on the fact that it is the written Word of God.” If we can assume that God speak truthfully, then the Bible’s authority must be linked to the authority of God. IF we are going to say that God is the truth, then the Bible must be incapable of being wrong.
        The Roman Catholic Church has always stated that the authority of the Bible was dependent on the church. The church was the one who chose what books would be compiled to be what we call the Bible today; therefore, it ought to have the authority over it’s overall approval. Due to Christendom being so large not everyone could agree on what we can call the Bible. Most Protestants “leave room [in the Bible] for those who differ on the canon question to participate in the confession of the nature of Scripture.”
        Since there is so much controversy over what the Bible is, what should we do? How can we find the one true word? Although, we are often asked, “If the Bible is fallible - subject to being wrong.” We ourselves have to reflect what it is we have been reading our whole life. First, we must remember that “the nature of the Scripture and the extent of the Scripture are different questions that must not be confused.” The nature of the Scripture is holy - it is conveying the Word of God to enlighten us; the extent is how much we can trust the Bible itself and our own interpretation of it. Ultimately, the Bible is not the product of man’s own inspiration; therefore, “any notion that the church creates the Bible or is superior to the Bible is denied by those who spelled out the canon.”
        This does not mean that the Bible is infallible. Sproul tells us, “it is a classic tenet of Protestants to recognize that all such creeds and confessions are fallible and cannot fully and finally bind the conscience of an individual believer. Only the Word of God has the kind of authority that can bind the consciences of men forever. So while the articles acknowledge that there are other written norms recognized by different bodies of Christians, insofar as they are true, those written norms are derived from and are subordinate to the supreme written norm that is Holy Scripture.”
        In the end, the church is simply a place where the Truth is conveyed, not where the truth is generated.

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