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In the Beginning was the Word

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Chapter Twelve - Imaging
Abraham Yim  2017-07-31 06:24:30, 조회 : 889, 추천 : 215

Abraham Yim
July 26th, 2017 - Wednesday
Vern Sheridan Poythress - In the Beginning Was the Word
Chapter Twelve - Imaging

    As we have said many times before, God made man in his own image. We can be 100% sure that, that is the origin for our human capacity to transcend our immediate situation, and to use language to describe large wholes. We can obtain further insight by considering broader occurrences of the theme of imaging in the Bible. Naturally, imaging is associated in a number of passages either with human beings as they were created or with human beings as redeemed and recreated “after the likeness of God.”
    Let us begin with the tabernacle and the temple as images. Both the tabernacle and the temple symbolize God’s dwelling with his people. The New Testament indicates that God comes to dwell with us in final form through Christ. While we talk about Christ we should, Poythress mentions, “Christ is the original image, “the image of the invisible God.” He is himself God, so he is a divine image. Adam was made in the image of God, and so is a created image.” Imaging is a dynamic structure, expressing the life and activity of God. Imaging among created things is itself an image of the living activity of God, who from eternity fathers the Son.
    The tabernacle shows the activity of imaging, and shows the fecundity or productivity of imaging. Holiness is productive, and reproduces itself. Adam, as a father, is productive, and reproduces his image in his son Seth, who in turn has a son, leading to successive generations of children. Language has its own productivity and fecundity. We can produce new utterances
using old words.
    We have already said that the human ability to stand back and analyze imitates the transcendence of God. We can re-express this theme through imaging. He transcends the limitations of creatures dwelling on earth. If a king has his throne placed above the level of the commoners, that exalted position of the throne connotes his authority and his rule over the commoners. God’s control is also expressed after the tabernacle is built. The tabernacle becomes a source of blessing from God, or of curse from God, depending on whether the people observe its regulations.
    As we can see throughout this chapter. Imaging plays a pivotal role in our relationship with God, and with our point of view with our Lord.
Study Questions
1. What does the tabernacle and the temple represent? Why is the representation important?
2. How is the Lord exalted?

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